Tangent 3: Radiation

Learn all about rads, grays, joules, death-breathing, how radiation affects your body, some nitty gritty on Spider-Man’s glowing taint, and in-depth investigations on disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima.

(And, yes, we finally tackle how Mary Jane died.)

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Tangent 2: Baking

How much of baking is farts? A startling amount, really. Tune in to this month’s show to learn the basics of turning doughy blobs into crusty delights via slow expulsions, enjoy a tale of four parallel banana breads, and catch some crafty gluten cheat codes.

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Tangent 1: Space Junk

In TCG’s inaugural episode, Liz, Beth, Brittany, Naty and Sarah explore the cluttered space around Earth and the many bizarre problems that lurk directly over our unassuming heads. Plus: space oddities, deep probes, and Star Wars.

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