Tangent 9: Dragon Con 2017

Our crew is back from Dragon*Con 2017 with fresh learnin’s from panels a-plenty. Enjoy a robust Cassini follow-up, then chase it with sudden plummeting chair danger, ladies fighting with swords, anvil identification, high-speed tea parties, amazing molecules and more. It’s a veritable smorgas-pod for your ears!

Slides from the Cassini Mission panel

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Enceladus: Moon of Saturn [image: Nasa.gov]

Cassini Mission: The Grand Finale [NASA]

Plumes of Enceladus [NY Times]

Splendid Teapot Racing [Facebook]

Fight Like a Girl [Palmetto Knights]

Artist-Blacksmith Association of North America [ABANA.org]

Blacksmithing classes (Atlanta, GA) [GoatnHammer.com]

MIT breakthrough in Graphene use [CNN]

Desalinating Water using Graphene [Penn State Materials Research Institute]


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