Tangent 6: Mummies

What makes a mummy? We’re going to wrap our heads around that question this month as we explore the world of the supremely deceased and thoroughly preserved. Egyptian mummies! Bog mummies! Karloff mummies? And hey, did somebody say pyramids??

Also, hey: make sure you’re not eating anything right now! You’ll knock that off pretty quick.

Want more gross mummy stuff? Check out the SHOW NOOOOOOOTES! 

Egyptian Mummies: A Primer [Smithsonian Institute]

How To Pull The Brains Out of a Mummy [Gizmodo]

Book of the Dead: Egyptian funerary text [Wikipedia]

Canopic Jars, L to R: intestines, lungs, stomach, liver
Not pictured: your dumb, discarded brains

Mummies Throughout History [BBC.co.uk]

South American civilization the Chinochorro practiced mummification [PRI.org]

Egyptomania: The West’s obsession with Egypt [Britannica.com]

New Tombs Discovered in the Valley of the Kings [Observer]



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