Tangent 5: Kaiju & Dinosaurs

What, exactly, is a kaiju? How did Godzilla go from walking natural disaster to jolly protector of Japan? How many terrible dinosaur cartoons did the 80’s and 90’s leave in its wake? All of these answers await you in this month’s podcast.

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Images Credit: Shogo Endo, An Anatomical Guide to Monsters

One thought on “Tangent 5: Kaiju & Dinosaurs”

  1. OH MAN, I was driving down the highway when I started this. I wanted to weigh in on so much stuff. Kaiju is just strange beasts, but DAIKAIJU are giant strange beasts. But everyone just calls them ALL kaiju at this point.

    Their sources of creation are more often than not super mad science mutation stuff (godzilla, Hedora, Biollante), Magic/mystical (Mothra-guardian diety, King Caesar – Mythological guardian), or alien monsters (king ghidorah, Gigan).

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