Tangent 3: Radiation

Learn all about rads, grays, joules, death-breathing, how radiation affects your body, some nitty gritty on Spider-Man’s glowing taint, and in-depth investigations on disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima.

(And, yes, we finally tackle how Mary Jane died.)

Itching for more? Check the show notes!

Get the gist with Sarah’s handy dandy document [Download the PDF]

Sarah demonstrates a Joule (J): the energy required to move a newton (approx. 1 apple) one meter in any direction
Gamma Radiation of Radium
Three Mile Island Reactor
Chernobyl Reactor
Chernobyl – The Elephant’s Foot
Corium Experiments – Argonne Lab
Corium Experiments
Fukushima Reactor
Fukushima Reactor – interior
Three Mile Island Reactor

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