Tangent 10: Infectious Diseases

Fungi! Viruses! Horrifying EMT stories! Sacks of acid! Zombies! For our reasonably spooky October episode, we’re joined by special guest Dr. Emily Krix to discuss all of the horrifying ways you can catch, spread and ultimately destroy the civilized world with infections. (Voodoo curses and Calypso music not required.)


Tangent 9: Dragon Con 2017

Our crew is back from Dragon*Con 2017 with fresh learnin’s from panels a-plenty. Enjoy a robust Cassini follow-up, then chase it with sudden plummeting chair danger, ladies fighting with swords, anvil identification, high-speed tea parties, amazing molecules and more. It’s a veritable smorgas-pod for your ears!

Slides from the Cassini Mission panel

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Enceladus: Moon of Saturn [image: Nasa.gov]

Cassini Mission: The Grand Finale [NASA]

Plumes of Enceladus [NY Times]

Splendid Teapot Racing [Facebook]

Fight Like a Girl [Palmetto Knights]

Artist-Blacksmith Association of North America [ABANA.org]

Blacksmithing classes (Atlanta, GA) [GoatnHammer.com]

MIT breakthrough in Graphene use [CNN]

Desalinating Water using Graphene [Penn State Materials Research Institute]


Tangent 8: The Ocean

Ahh, the sea! The horrible, merciless, nightmarish sea. How big is it? What’s in it? What shouldn’t be in it? What definitely shouldn’t be in it but definitely is? So many questions and so many answers await you in this month’s deep dive into all things oceanic.


The Great Pacific garbage patch [Wikipedia.org]

What causes high tide and low tide? [How Stuff Works]

300 Facts About the Ocean [NOAA.gov]

Great Barrier Reef 2016 report [Australian Institute of Marine Science]

Iceberg the size of Delaware breaks off from Antarctica [NASA.gov]

Moby Dick Bot [Twitter]

Tangent 7: Spiritualism

Hear that warbled accordian-in-a-box? That means spirits are among us! This month, we tackle Victorian-era spiritualism with a heavy emphasis on the spooky and the scary, from seances to cheesecloth regurgitation to very creative entrail storage. Why was spiritualism so female-focused? Where did one go to find the most reliable ghost news? Who has read the Hody Bidle? The answers lie beyond the veil, dear listeners! (Now, who wants some drugs?)


Arsenic beauty regimen
Post-mortem photography: Twinsies!
Post-mortem photography: Twinsies! Part Deux

Tangent 6: Mummies

What makes a mummy? We’re going to wrap our heads around that question this month as we explore the world of the supremely deceased and thoroughly preserved. Egyptian mummies! Bog mummies! Karloff mummies? And hey, did somebody say pyramids??

Also, hey: make sure you’re not eating anything right now! You’ll knock that off pretty quick.

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Tangent 5: Kaiju & Dinosaurs

What, exactly, is a kaiju? How did Godzilla go from walking natural disaster to jolly protector of Japan? How many terrible dinosaur cartoons did the 80’s and 90’s leave in its wake? All of these answers await you in this month’s podcast.

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Tangent 4: Cars

“How car go vroom?” Oh. Oh, buddy. We gonna’ tell you how car go vroom. From parts to maintenance to driving tips to “suck, squish, bang, blow” (write that last one down), we cover everything you could possibly need to know about that metal box with wheels in which you listen to podcasts.

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Tangent 3: Radiation

Learn all about rads, grays, joules, death-breathing, how radiation affects your body, some nitty gritty on Spider-Man’s glowing taint, and in-depth investigations on disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima.

(And, yes, we finally tackle how Mary Jane died.)

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Tangent 2: Baking

How much of baking is farts? A startling amount, really. Tune in to this month’s show to learn the basics of turning doughy blobs into crusty delights via slow expulsions, enjoy a tale of four parallel banana breads, and catch some crafty gluten cheat codes.

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Tangent 1: Space Junk

In TCG’s inaugural episode, Liz, Beth, Brittany, Naty and Sarah explore the cluttered space around Earth and the many bizarre problems that lurk directly over our unassuming heads. Plus: space oddities, deep probes, and Star Wars.

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